We are Kavi Family and we are running Kavi Homes Villas by dealing with all the details of our villas to present the best holiday experience for our guests. As a family, we also live in this beautiful village, Kızılağaç, as we love the atmosphere of the country side and the wonderful weather conditions of the valley.

In this section, we'd like to give some information about us.

We made our first appearance in tourism market in 1983 with the Marmaris offices of Camel Tours Travel Agency and Budget Rent A Car. Until the year 1990, we widened our operations and services to Fethiye, Dalaman and all the regions around Marmaris.

In 1991, we decided to change our path from tour operators to accomodation sector with one of the first self catering properties in Marmaris, Sun Apart Hotel. Between the years of 1991 and 1998, we increased our growth to 5 apart hotels which were listed in British, Dutch and Scandinavian markets.

In 1998, we decided to bring a new approach to tourism in our region. After our observations in Spain, we formed one of the first villa rental company in our region with the cooperation and guidance of a British tour operator. We constructed Villa Anastasia, Villa Victoria and Villa Isabella in a 5000 m2 private garden. During the construction period, we worked in cooperation with our British colleagues to have the same professional standards with the other holiday villas in the world. In 1999, our 4th villa, Villa Olivia, joined to Kavi Homes. Villa Olivia is one of the rare example of accomodation in Turkey as it is a villa with a design and decoration of Turkish country house. Villa Olivia is unique with its swimming pool which is designed to avoid being seen from the outside.

In 2014, Kavi Homes villas were renewed in all aspects to present a higher standard accomodation quality to our guests. By developping our villas and keeping our service quality at its peak, we are always aiming to present the holiday experience that, we, the travellers who prefer villa rental in our holidays expect. We are very glad and proud to see when this expectation is fulfilled in our regular guests who prefer to spend their holidays in Kavi Homes Villas every year.

We are  looking forward to gain many more friends to the worldwide family of Kavi Homes Villas.

Best Wishes

Kavi Family


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